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Help treat malnourished children in Haiti

Support our Clinic's Medika Mamba Program

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Join Our Fight To End Childhood Malnutrition!

Haiti’s Central Plateau, where St. Joseph Clinic is located, is home to one of the highest rates of childhood malnutrition in the Americas. It is estimated that one in five children live with malnourishment, and one in fourteen die before reaching the age of five.* Our Medika Mamba program is helping safeguard children from these staggering statistics, but we need your help for this program to succeed!

Medika Mamba- Restoring Health to Malnourished Children in Haiti

Medika Mamba is a nutritional supplement that restores 90% of severely malnourished children to health in two to three months. Although the Haitian government provides St. Joseph Clinic with a small amount of Medika Mamba supplements, they do not provide us with enough to treat all of the malnourished kids in the program and it is not uncommon to go weeks without this essential supplement. We need your support for this critical program.

A Story of Success

Our Medika Mamba program has been very successful in treating childhood malnutrition, greatly improving the future lives of the children we have helped. One such story is that of the baby girl pictured above (before treatment on the left and after treatment on the right). Following her diagnosis at St. Joseph Clinic with HIV and severe malnourishment, this nine-month old baby was enrolled in our Medika Mamba program with a below average weight of 6.3 kg. The nutrition she received combined with medical treatment ultimately saved her life. At the time of her discharge, her weight had doubled and her health and vibrancy had been restored, as is evident in her sweet picture (above right).

With your support, other children can experience similar life-changing benefits. One box of Medika Mamba can be purchased for $100 which will supply five children with a course of treatment for one month.

We are asking for your help so we can secure at least a six-month supply of Medika Mamba to treat all of our severely malnourished children.

Would you please join our effort to fight child malnutrition and restore children back to health?

Thank you for whatever support you can provide!

*Source: Meds & Food For Kids