Donate now to support Medical Missionaries work around the world. image

Donate now to support Medical Missionaries work around the world.

Help Medical Missionaries maintain St. Joseph Clinic's ability to provide medical services to a population of over 125,000.

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St. Joseph Clinic is in desperate need of emergency funding to remain in existence.

Since 1998, Medical Missionaries has been providing essential medical services to one of the poorest regions of the world, Haiti’s Central Plateau, with care being provided to this population of over 125,000 at St. Joseph Clinic since 2007. The Clinic is the only permanent medical center serving the city of Thomassique and the surrounding region. Over the years, the Clinic has been a refuge in times of crisis--operating through several hurricanes, the 2010 earthquake, and the cholera outbreak that followed.

On April 4th, we received shocking news that an electrical fire broke out at the Clinic. The fire caused ~$200,000 worth of damage to materials (critical solar panels, batteries, electrical equipment) necessary to keep the medical facility powered and operating during this vital time.

The advent of the coronavirus poses challenges unlike any other the Clinic has previously faced. With cases rising in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the virus has the potential to quickly spread throughout the island. The staff at St. Joseph Clinic currently faces tremendous shortages of the essential medications and Personal Protective Equipment to effectively combat the impending rise of cases.

We ask you to financially support the Clinic as it rebuilds and prepares for the difficult weeks and months to come. Your generosity has never been more needed or appreciated.

Medical Missionaries is run entirely by volunteers. More information about Medical Missionaries can be found at If you prefer to donate by check, please send your donation to Medical Missionaries, Inc., 9590 Surveyor Court, Manassas, VA 20110.